Special extras

Make your stationery unique by adding some extra little touches


At Paper Meadows we can offer you both bespoke and set envelope designs to add a personal touch to all correspondence. Whether you would like your envelopes printed with beautiful artwork of your venue, your initials or a family crest the options are limitless.



With our vast options of favours for all events thanking your guests has never been as easy or chic. Opting for personalised favours lets you give a more personal thank you than traditional favours.



Send an amusing, quirky or personal statement to your guests with our personalised stickers. A unique way of bringing your personality into your stationery, you will receive an easy to peel sheet of stickers with your chosen design, ready to apply to whatever stationery you desire.

Add tying twine to any stationery order brings a rustic touch to any design to fit any theme such as woodland, rustic barn or boho. You will receive your stationary delicately fastened with natural twine.


Wax Seals
We can provide you with a design chosen by you, engraved onto a metal seal complete with a wooden handle and stick of wax. Allowing you to personalise your stationery with bespoke wax seals even after your big day.